"After the game against Pescara, we have to be aware of what we are doing without getting cocky. In our vocabulary, there should never be this word. Still, we must think about our growth, always be determined, continue to be hungry, and stay on the ball regardless of the opponent or anything else." This is how Mister Toscano began his press conference before the match against Juventus Next Gen, scheduled for tomorrow at 4:15 p.m. (live on Sky and streaming on Now).

"Juventus Next Gen has a precise identity from a tactical point of view and that they have been putting on the field since the beginning of the championship. Regardless, we know the game we must play and what we must do, and we must get there with a lot of mental resilience. It's time to stay on the ball and give continuity. Donnarumma will be available."

"The game with Rimini left me with nothing but positive feelings. I saw improvements and liked how the game was handled regardless of the mistakes. We could have taken better advantage of some situations we created, but still, I had the impression that we were superior and deserved more, so the guys responded well. At this point, the way we are working, my absence affects little. It must affect how the team arrives on the pitch and the energy of our fans. Our fans know that there is even more need for them now and from us. The presence of our fans will be more important than my absence. It is hard to be out, but you have to accept the choice of the sports judge."

"I would talk more about the positive aspects: we have grown mentally, the team concedes little, and we have kept the goal clean in the last few games. We know how to put on the right outfit depending on the competition. Now we read the situations on the field better, and the group is also growing as a feeling and the chemistry between the team. Ogunseye started well, but then the injury stopped him. For his characteristics, the more minutes he has and puts in, the more he will return to the right condition to contribute to the team. For tomorrow, I have no doubts."