Cesena has kept its goal clean in the last two league games, and one of the protagonists is Matteo Pisseri, who came to the microphone after the important victory against Virtus Entella in the recovery of the tenth day.

"I really don't think the championship is over. We are doing a very good run; however, many other strong teams exist. All it takes is one week when a win doesn't come, and you come off a bit. This is a league that teaches us that you can't afford to pull the plug, and you can never think you've won. Today was proof of that. In 11 against 11, we even had a chance to make it 2-0; when they were outnumbered, they were even more dangerous. You can never pull the plug. There is a great Torres team that is doing well, but we think about our path. We are all important in this team; the mentality is our strength and must not be lacking. Matches are won with mentality, and today, with heavy absences, we won because we have as many guys who are ready and are very strong. We all give each other a hand."