"Against Entella, the second half was dirty, while we had a good first half against a strong team. Going to Chiavari and doing a first half like that means you are confident and growing, and we have to continue like that." Thus begins Mister Toscano's press conference ahead of the match against Lucchese.

"I think we have a lot of clothes we can wear depending on the night. We work on this every day, which has led us to have continuity in performance and results. We are confident and must attack the game from the first minute as we did in the last competition. It will be an important match mentally; we have reached a level that we need to consolidate and raise the bar again. We have to add that little piece that we want in our path. When you gain something, you have to hold on to it. Lucchese likes to play. We must understand the moments of the match and in which areas of the field to hurt them."

"The team competed well from a physical standpoint, and we used a lot of mental energy because it was a wild card that we had to play well. I chose Chiarello because he is more offensive than Berti, while with Nannelli, I wanted to stretch the opponents. There were moments when you suffered against a strong team that did everything to recover the match. Maybe we could have managed some disengagements better in some situations, but I am happy because - I repeat - it was an important wild card that we played well."

"The moment of greatest self-esteem was in Gubbio; with that performance, we understood that we can have continuity in our results. Now, the ranking matters little. We have to continue to grow and have an awareness of our strengths. In Gubbio, we had a demonstration of the strength of the group, and it gave us that right awareness. We have to go forward from there."