Giuseppe Prestia was a guest on Planet Bianconero (every Monday on Teleromagna) yesterday to receive the award for team MVP for the 2022/23 season dedicated to Brunella Ortolani.

The defender touched on many issues during the live broadcast: "I feel good physically. We analyzed the match against Olbia, and I am sure that against Pontedera, there will be another team. We have worked a lot, and we need broad-shoulds to react." There is also a consideration of the differences compared to the last championship: "Surely this year the level is higher, but it is also more beautiful. We have another opportunity, and we must seize it. The moments of difficulty must make us grow, and by staying united, we will overcome them."

Then, a comment on the many young players on the first team: "It's good, and I have to congratulate them on how they work; when the boys arrive in the first team, they have the right mentality right from the start. If I think of those here with us, I realize that they have made great improvements, and if they continue like this, they will take away some satisfaction." Finally, a comment about the opponents: "As mentioned before, the level has increased; we always have to play with the poisoned tooth."