"I'm thrilled with how we approached Friday's game because we took another step and had an important growth." These are the first words of Mister Toscano ahead of Cesena-Arezzo.

"We must grow continuously; matches are a means to reach our goal. I am aware of this team's potential, and I am convinced it can still grow. Today, I told the boys that we must work from Friday's game. Reasoning in this way has been our strength so far. Growth continues regardless of the result or performance. We must look to the next match and continue like this."

"Ciccio had his ultrasound today and will need three to four days to re-athleticize, while Kargbo still has discomfort in his ankle. The fans are part of us and we are there for them, they always give us a great boost. The synergy that has been created is incredible, the strength of the Cesena fans we touch it tangibly every day and we want to give them as much satisfaction as possible. "In these two days, we have analyzed Arezzo. It is a team that stresses opposing defenses in a particular way. It has a recognizable identity with rotations in the middle of the field and attackers who are good one-on-one. They can put you in trouble if you don't keep your concentration up. Against us, everyone gives something extra, and we have to do even better."

"For me and for the team, Friday was the best day since we have been here, crowned by an extraordinary performance. Seeing it from the outside, you have a sense of how the team works. As I said before, I can count on every one of them. Hearing my name from the curva was an incredible emotion, and it is an added incentive because they appreciate the team's work, and we have to continue like this. If you put in passion, then Cesena appreciates it."

"I expected my team to keep this pace; we never worried about others but only about our improvement. The key to the derby? I told the guys that if we didn't make any interventions in January, it was because I believed in all of them, and they touched on this. I feel that the midweek shift has positive aspects: you don't lower your concentration, you play right away, so the guys are more on the ball. On some players we will have to make evaluations tomorrow after muscle awakening, in any case we will try to field the best possible formation to make Cesena win."