"The week went as well as any other; the squad trained with the same focus and intensity. We know it's an important match, and we're ready," began Mister Toscano at the pre-match press conference ahead of tomorrow afternoon's match against Pescara.

"The work we've done with the staff and the players has been about learning to live these moments, to use the tension wisely, and to give every match the same level of importance. That's been our secret, so we trained with the same level of focus this week. The players have learned that every match is important. Everyone has shown that they want to contribute and be part of this extraordinary championship; we want to experience this moment fully. Ciccio wants to be there just like he was in Lucca. He's been training with the squad partially, and we'll all be involved."

"A home win for promotion? We give the same importance to every match. If it turns out to be a record, we'll be happy. We want to win tomorrow's match just as we did against Lucchese and Vis. The championship doesn't end tomorrow but on April 28. I believe that coaches, like players, have a journey; I feel different now and must focus on today, not yesterday. I've worked differently this year, and this team is about more than just results. What we've built together, the constant growth as individuals and as a group has given me the most satisfaction."

"I told the players this morning: what happens before or after the match isn't our concern. We need to focus on the 95 minutes on the field. Torres deserves credit for having an extraordinary season, and their perseverance has pushed us to raise the bar. We've motivated each other, and it's great because competition fosters growth and improvement."

"Pescara has changed its approach on the field; they still have a clear identity, but their pressing is less aggressive, they're more compact, and they've found a better balance, even if they might be less threatening. Kargbo? It's about adapting to changes. He's improved every week; he's always done so throughout his career, and it's up to him to find the right balance."